Electac is a UK-based business which has been solving people’s fume control needs for over 35 years.   Today the company operates from their base in rural Berkshire. 


Electac has always concentrated on building robust, trouble-free equipment to meet the most demanding of operating conditions.

Companies all over the world rely upon Electac extraction and filtration to ensure the safety of their workforces. 


At Electac we pride ourselves on keeping our clients’ machines running efficiently and we still supply spare parts for Electac equipment produced in our very first year of operation.   All of our equipment is manufactured in the UK. 


The unique advantages of Electac’s equipment  have attracted customers in all kinds of industries, including film making, education and medical equipment, as well traditional fabrication & engineering. 

 Some of our customers -

Tel: 01635 581 535 or Mail: sales@electac.com

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